Sunday, August 22, 2010

And Now for a Quick Review: Rockabye Baby

Ok, while I'm in the moment and can remember it, I have to shout the praises of the Rockabye Baby! lullaby collection It's a tad unconventional,  but I've become a supporter of the "whatever works" mentality when it comes to getting the ankle biters to sleep.  Why's it so great? How can something not be great when it's lullaby covers of some awesome and classic bands? As we speak, my little critters are slumbering peacefully on their momma's bed listening to some lullaby renditions of Queen. We have Tool as well, but it's a little much for a Sunday afternoon. As a parent, I can't help but be amused that I just finished making their little plush blue puppy dance to "We Will Rock You" and "Bicycle". Can't say enough good about this product! back to your regularly scheduled afternoons.