Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do Babies Appreciate Show Tunes?

The twins were up at their usual 6:30am wake time....screaming...loudly. Now, this isn't any type of novelty. Most mornings around this joint begin with a blood curdling scream signifying the beginning of the day. Even though I've gone through the morning routine process many t:imes by now, I'm always a little hesitant before I throw open the bedroom door and proclaim "Good morning Tinies!". At that point, there's usually more screaming and desperate looks from the cribs that seem to say "Seriously? I've got poop in my diaper and you left me here all night!" Yeesh. Anyhow, I decided that today would be different. I would approach the day with a Maria Von Trapp esque way of dealing with the situation. And no, I didn't start sewing small outfits out of drapery. I decided that I would treat my small loves to the beautiful sound of their mother's voice, and sing some show tunes...Now as ridiculous as this plan sounds, it's amazing the lengths you'll go to in order to get your babies to be calm, or at least throw them off their game a little bit. I began with selections from Singing in the Rain (this included "Goodmorning" and the title track itself. I then launched right into "Meet me in St. Louis" and "All that Jazz" from Chicago. I would've thrown a few dance moves in there as well, but remembered just in time that I was only in a sports bra and pajama pants, and because of this, was in an excellent position to frighten the neighbors considerably if they happened to glance through the window.
Surprisingly enough, the whole production seemed to amuse the small ones quite a bit. I think I may have even won a few giggles from my two little critics. I wouldn't recommend this tactic on a daily basis, but I may start using it in times of need....If any other mom out there is as insane as I am, please let me know. Or if you have any suggestions as far as any musicals I haven't tried yet....