Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Bootcamp....aka...Mental Toughness

Good Afternoon Readers,

There was no getting around it, today, the laundry absolutely needed to be addressed. And as much as I like living like a hobo, pulling my outfits from the clean laundry basket or maybe recycling from the dirty one, we simply needed to both wash and put away some clothing. There's only one problem that seems to present itself whenever I need to get something like this done...I simply can't hold two babies and do housework simultaneously. Just doesn't work (then again, if I happen to grow a third arm, I could possibly swing it). Today I was forced to practice some tough love and mental strength.

But, before I launch in to my experience of putting away the laundry, I should probably inform you of something first. My daughter, as it turns out, hates being put on her stomach... Actually, she hates being put down in general. At this point in her life, being surgically attached to me is just. fine. with. her. And as it stands right now, I do most activities with her either sitting in my lap, or standing on my lap,simultaneously slapping me in the face with one of her chubby paws....Peachy

Anyhow, when my beautiful daughter gets set down, she commences with some serious screaming, shaking, looking like a little blow fish, etc. There've been a couple times I was sure she would explode...but thankfully that hasn't happened just yet. I tell you this so that you can have an excellent visual of what happened.

I decided that the best plan of action would be to just put them on floor while I put their laundry away. That way, they see me, I see them, and everyone's happy. That, and they need to spend some time on their bellies (I have a deep seeded fear that, through some fault of mine, they won't learn to crawl, walk, or function as adults).  So.....I set up a large comfy blanket in the middle of their room, picked out some choice toys, and positioned them carefully so that they could be mauled fairly by both children. I then grabbed both wiggle pigs and set them on their new "playmat".

What ensued, could only be described as mass hysteria. If a stranger had been listening from outside, it definitely would've sounded like I was pulling my babies legs off...slowly. That, however, wasn't the case. I simply moved around putting laundry away. All while watching my children flail around, drool, and turn bright red. My personal favorite was watching my daughter clench the blanket in her fat fists and dramatically pull it to her face in a very..."I'm reenacting a Greek tragedy" kind of way. 

This is where I had to apply some mental toughness. This is a technique that all mothers have to employ, at one time or another, in order to save their sanity. It requires you to completely block out your child's crying so that you can try and get something done. It's hard because it goes against the mothering instinct, but oh so necessary to make sure that dishes and laundry don't pile up and swallow your home. I found it quite difficult today, what with all the dramatics being played out on my floor. But, I did manage to get all of their laundry folded and put away. I even snuck down to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher....I know. I know. You don't have to tell me. I'm  well aware that I live life by the seat of my pants.

I'm happy to report that both of my babies ended up wearing themselves out, having a bottle, and taking a nap....which is why I'm able sneak this post out to you. Now for a nap myself. Until tomorrow readers..