Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebrations and Meatloaf

Good Morning Readers,

So I'm happy to report that I've pulled myself together enough to successfully rear my children to the age of 4 months. Granted, when we drove them home from the hospital oh so many weeks ago, I had serious doubts that we'd all make it through the first night together (let alone a lifetime), but we've been sweetly successful so far.....

Ok, so as I was very excited about my little mile marker in child raising, I decided to get in the kitchen and actually cook something.... I guess this requires a little explanation....Now, there's a lot of things I like to do in the way of homemaking:  cleaning, laundry, bed making, dishes, etc. However, when it comes to running into the kitchen and whipping up a four course meal...Julia Child, I'm not. Yep, tried to read the Joys of Cooking, failed to find the joy in it, and used it to prop up a chair instead.

This is the part where most people, including my husband, tend to tell me that I don't know HOW to cook. Wrong! I know how to cook, I just derive no pleasure from it at all. As I like to say, I know how to run too, but you don't see me signing up for every marathon in town.....That aside, occasionally I like to surprise my husband with something I've lovingly thrown together and shoved in the oven. And since it was cause to celebrate, I completely talked myself into making some delicious meatloaf.

Ahh, the ever reliable meatloaf. Easy to make. Easy to bake. Gathering everything I needed on the counter top, I proceeded to put my son in the Johnny Jump Up and my daughter in her swing.
Instantly, I had a tiny fascinated audience who swiveled to watch me whenever I made a move. Pretty darn cute, but I needed to focus. After putting everything in a bowl, I turned to complete my least favorite task of chopping onions. Hate hate hate onions. Scourge of the earth as far as I'm concerned, but since the husband likes them, in they went. This is where everything got a little difficult...

In the midst of chopping, the onion odor began to completely blind me (another reason I loathe the vegetable). My only defense was to close my eyes and continue to chop VERY carefully. Mincing anything while blind is always a terrible idea, but as I wasn't going to chew them into tiny bits, there wasn't any other option. It was at about this point that I started to hear gagging sounds from behind me.

Whirling around, I observed my son, through very watery eyes, shoving his two fat fingers down his throat as far as they would go. Just as I was about to run over and save his life, he popped his hand out of his mouth, and with bright red and watery eyes, gave me a huge smile. Err....ok. As it turns out, this horrifying new game is now his favorite thing to do. I massaged the ingredients into something that looked like a loaf, I did so to the sounds of my son choking himself every five seconds.....I'm pretty sure Paula Dean never has to deal with this.

I'm happy to say that I managed to get the loaf into the oven and even remembered to set the timer. It actually tasted pretty good, and husband was happy when he came whistling home from work. Ok, he wasn't whistling, but he did eat half of it, so I patted myself on the back.

So anyhow, yay to the twins being four months and yay to meatloaf sandwiches for the last couple days. Tonight....frozen chicken nuggets. Good luck in your own kitchens today readers...until tomorrow!