Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not Expecting the Unexpected....

Good Morning Readers,

I hope everyone's weekend was tolerable, if not stupendous or extremely relaxing. I write today not because I had earth-shattering adventures either, but my last couple of days were filled with wonderful and not so wonderful randomness. Behold, my series of random events...

Friday began with poop water...well, not really poop water, but nasty sewer water bubbling up through my basement drain and all over my laundry room floor. Turns out, my home's main drain hadn't been "snaked" (whatever the heck that means) since 1969, and there were actual roots growing in it. With a quick visit from Ken the plumber, and 100.00 later, we're now flushing around this place like it's our birth right.

Up next, a loud knock on my door at 9 am on Saturday morning. No...not the police, thank you very much, but my Mom and sister. I'd previously promised to make boutineers for homecoming...and as usual, completely forgot. This resulted in early morning coffee, an enjoyable chat, and me attempting to tape roses to floral wire, whilst trying not to hot glue gun my hair to the table..

Saturday continued with a surprise visit from one of my sisters who attends college too far away. She helped me greatly this summer after the twins were born. When she arrived, my daughter thanked her for her dedication by screaming and slapping her in the face....bad baby.

My sister's visit led to another from my Mom and another sister (I have many). This resulted in a fabulously fun evening of catching up, and four women speaking at the speed of light to each other. My husband listened quietly. I have a sneaky suspicion he secretly wanted to throw himself through the nearest plate glass window, but he did an excellent job of hiding it.

Sunday was filled with early mass and then  80 hours of football. I tried desperately to pay attention, but ended up drooling face down in the couch for most of it. At the end of the day, there was quiet as I tucked both my children and my husband (emotionally spent from the football marathon) into bed. This left me alone with a bottle of wine, some clam chowder, and a couple rounds of Halo on X Box. A little strange, I know, but I picked up the skill when I was a pregnant, beached whale  who needed to entertain herself all winter. That's right, all the 8 year-old boys of the world fear me...

So, that was pretty much the weekend in a nutshell. Now it's time to attempt to bathe my babies, who currently smell like old cheese. Until tomorrow Readers!