Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Of Rain and Squids...

Call me a match, cause I'm burnt out. ..This is mainly due to the virtual barrage of things I’ve had to think up in order to keep the twins amused over the last couple of days. Because of Mother Nature’s recent gift of irritating rain, my options on what to do with the babies, have been seriously limited. At this point, I’m starting to feel like a really lame camp counselor who keeps scraping the bottom of the activity barrel, in the hope that the kids won’t just walk out.

Usually, if we get bored, I pile everyone into the stroller and get out and about the neighborhood. Since that’s out of the question, and taking them walking in a public place like a mall sounds about as fun as Chinese Water Torture, I’ve opted, instead to keep everyone inside. My M.O. has been to corral the babies on my bed, along with piles of toys, Bumbo seats, nap-time pillows and blankets, etc. Basically, anything needed for direct survival is kept within arms reach. My room no longer harbors an oasis of tranquility for its owner, but instead, looks like a Toys R Us stumbled in drunkenly one night and threw up.

The past forty-eight hours have been filled with 102 games of peek-a-boo, 86 shakes of a rattle, 70 different musical stylings on the Magical Scales Musical Fish Piano (I’ve almost figured out how to sound out Billy Idol’s White Wedding, but not quite). Aaaand….50 performances by Captain Calamari, the stuffed squid dressed like a pirate (seriously, I have no idea, so don’t ask). All in all…I’m tired.

I’m pretty sure the peanuts don’t get tired of me, but I swear sometimes they give each other sideways glances. Glances that say, “Seriously? Is she really starting Row Row Row Your Boat again?”. So……tomorrow will be different. I’m determined. We’ll get out. We’ll visit friends, pet farm animals, stare at passing cars…anything but another round of Masterpiece Theater with Captain Calamari…..Despite what they may think, my goal isn’t to bore my children to death four months after they’ve gotten here.

So at this point, I'm open to suggestions. Anybody wanna throw some baby friendly activity ideas my way?