Thursday, October 14, 2010

Like Real People Do

Good Morning Readers,

When October started, I vowed to write often. To say that I lied to myself is a little harsh, but I definitely fibbed. I'm discovering that the only thing that can hold up writing about motherhood and motherhood and family. Yes, it's been a busy last few days around my little household, but I tell you this, great and wonderful things have been happening. Milestones have been reached in my children's development that, in my opinion, call for an opening in the clouds, a blinding light shining through, and a hallelujah chorus beating down upon our split level. Holy moving babies Batman!... My kids do people things now!
     Now then, what do my baby daughter and the cheese have in common?...They both sit alone! That's right, in the past few days, my baby girl (frustrated that we keep putting her on her stomach, and determined to divert our attention elsewhere) managed to put her chubby hands out and prop herself to a sitting, albeit wobbly, position. This new ability has gotten stronger to the point of her showing off her awesome core strength while balancing on my right hand. Talented baby!
Couldn't be prouder. Partly because I feel successful as a mother, and partly because my daughter will be able to confidently participate in all sitting opportunities life has to offer. Bus rides, canoe trips, ski lifts...they're now hers for the taking! Granted, she now has the ability to scream at me about 12 inches higher off the ground, but who cares? Step 1 to becoming a functional adult...check that box COMPLETED imaginary parenting judge panel.
     I cannot bask in the glow of my sitting baby too long lest I forget that my wonderful son has made developmental leaps and bounds of his own. Not to be outdone by his sister, and probable life-long competition, he has decided to embrace life on his stomach and get things moving. Like a squirrely little man trying to escape a house fire, my baby boy has decided to roll roll roll his way to destinations unknown (at least to him). He's also discovered that he can utilize his new superpower to get to his favorite toys and proceed to gum them to death. He can't sit up just yet, but I take solace in the fact that he can now, at least, avoid falling objects if he has too.
     Both of my babies new developments have made me proud to the point of tears, but I'm discovering that they demand that I be far more involved in playtime than I used to be. I'm no longer having to hold toys up for happy showtime fun, but I AM having to catch my daughter before she rolls backwards and dents her head on the floor, and roll my son to his back so that he can start all over again making his way around the blanket that has become a permanent fixture on my living room floor. Who really needs a coffee table anyway?
     For all my readers out there with babies on the move, grab those pillows, baseball mitts and fences...and good luck. Until next time!