Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat Part II

Good Evening Readers,

Feelin alright? If you’re like me, you’re full of Halloween candy and completely burnt out from the weekend. Ugh. Not a bad ugh, but an ugh that says “Wow, I stayed out way to late, ate too much junk food, and tried to squeeze two five month year old babies into costumes that they didn’t particularly enjoy.” That type of ugh merits a nap for this writer (highly unlikely), and a story for everyone else, so Here. We. Go.
     Flash back to Friday night. Wait, wait, Friday during the day would be much better as it was nothing short of manic. Reason being, my daughter developed a cold and took it out on me for what must have been eleven hours. Husband had to work that day, so I fielded the baby cuddling, feeding and acting as a human spit up cloth, all by myself. Somehow I made it to the evening, and wearing only pajama pants, a sweatshirt, and leopard print flats, managed to haul both my little dumplings to Grandma’s house for a much needed night off. After getting everyone settled,  my leopard print flats and I booked it back to car post haste so that I could A.) sing Thriller at the top of my lungs, and B.) fly home and get ready.
      I had my costume all ready to go. Granted, it wasn’t my original Kill Bill yellow jump suit idea ( that one fell through after a long battle with e-bay and Hong Kong deciding it would send me yellow pants after Halloween....um thanks China.), but I pulled together a decent Goth look instead. Before I could get ready however, I was greeted by my husband at the top of the stairs requesting that I shave his head…. So let it go down in history readers that on 10/30/10, this brave wife officially shaved her first Mohawk….. my bucket list is just getting checked off left and right.(Side Note: husband actually looks great with a Mohawk. I should try to get him to keep it as it makes me feel a little dangerous.) At any rate, hair done, and black makeup applied, we headed out the door looking like more awesome, The Craft/Trainspotting versions of ourselves.
     All you really need to know about the rest of the evening is that we went to two parties, had loads of fun, lost track of time, realized it was 2:30am in horror, made it home, and fell asleep by 4am…The next day can be summed up in one word…brutal.
     Halloween proper began with picking the twins up at 8 am. Yes, that’s right…if you did the math that means that we were running on 4..nay 3.75 hours of sleep. Ahh, but the fat babies were well rested on their TWELVE hours of sleep and ready to go. I fueled up on Coke and McDonalds and got ready to face this Halloween like a well worn soldier in the trenches. The rest of the day was a blur of napping, feeding, playing and anticipating the right time to put on costumes.
     Come 5 o'clock, I'd forgotten my lack of sleep, and was in a delerium of excitement to put on the babie's costumes that I'd meticulously worked on the week prior. I settled on Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia....feel free to pause and aww and how darn cute that is.....ok. The twins were confused of course, but I tell you this, I'm now firmly convinced that there is NOTHING cuter than a pudgy baby that has brown felt buns securely strapped to the sides of her head. Nothing.
     Costumes on, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for some chili dogs and relaxing. I figured that we'd have a little dinner, prop the babes up for some adorable pictures and head home in time to watch The Walking Dead on AMC. Um...yeah. So as soon as we get there, my daughter decides that she hates her costume and said buns and proceeds to throw one of this years largest fits. She actually screamed like a demon and possibly loud enough to wake the dead....all too appropriate for the holiday. Every picture I have of the twins from their first Halloween has my daughter red faced and pulling her fake buns off her head. My son just looks confused.
     So there you have it. Our little holiday weekend in a nutshell. We made through a whole 30 minutes before leaving my parent's house, but got home in time for bedtime, more candy and zombies. All in all, pretty successful by my estimation. And now that we're journeying into the holiday season in general, I'm sure that more adventures await....although, I really hope none of it involves making felt head pieces for my children.

Until next time Readers!