Friday, December 10, 2010

Peace and Dogsicles

Hey Readers,

You've found me in the middle of an important decision. Should I keep staring at my dog through the glass door?....or should I let him in? Now, if I let him in, there's a good chance that I might find myself in the middle of a crime scene. Murder most foul as it turns out. If I dont let him in, he may turn into a boxer shaped popsicle, thanks to the chilly Midwest's disposition to freeze everything in its path. Decisions. Decisions.
     Everyone of my readers whose a PITA member has already phoned my name in, I'm sure. Everyone else, please hear me out. Hold on...I think he's trying to write something on the door. No..wait....yep, just licking it like an idiot. Ok, so here's the thing.

Every morning, after a very long first couple of hours with the twins, I tuck them tightly in for a long and peaceful nap. It's my ONE time a day to spend precious amounts of time on Facebook, Twitter, E! Channel  laundry, dishes and vacuuming. I love that time. That time and I are soul mates of the most intimate kind. Hand in hand, we go, co-existing in what could only be described as the perfect match. That beautiful time and I are only interrupted by one thing and one thing more nap time.
     Ahh yes, the symphonic sounds of two babies who've been woken up far before they were scheduled to. And unlike Vivaldi, it doesn't make me want to dance naked through a field of wildflowers. Simply makes me want to sit and cry my eyes out....for the 56 or 57th time.
And it's all because of the damn dog.
     My 100lb boxer Flea, as many of you already know, is the essence of destruction. Basically, if you painted a tank black and white and gave it the smallest of STILL couldn't do as much damage as my dog. Therefore, he is a constant source of ire. As of late, he's made it his mission to wait until my chiclets are sleeping to perk his ears up, stand at attention, and proceed to bark and/or bellow as loud as he can muster. Is there a fox hunt going on I'm not aware of?... because all this does, is make me want to strangle him...quickly though. I'm not cruel.
     So here I am, babies awake yet again, staring at my floppy eared ass of a dog through a thin layer of glass, trying to decide his fate. Tune in next time to figure out what ever happened to him.

Until next time Readers!