Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's What All the Kids Are Watching

Morning Readers,

     I'd have to say, I'm not big on routine, but lately, I find that routine is the superglue which binds my life together. Sure, I've always been one for the scalding-hot cup of coffee in the a.m., and Jeopardy fest in the p.m., but for the most part, my life has never really been routine-driven. Until now. And apart from the regular bottle-making, diaper-changing, and cookie extraction from all the varnished surfaces in my little home, I find, more than anything, I've become a children's tv junkie.
    I know. I know. So embarrassing. And up until now, I felt no desire to share it with you Readers. Until I realized... I have a problem.  I don't think I'm going to check into Betty Ford anytime soon (fortunately, it's not the type of problem that leaves nasty track marks), but it's still good to get it all out there. Because it's progressed from running baby programming during the day, in the attempt to distract the twins, to full-fledged "I watch it all the time because it's been programmed into my system to look for cartoons" mode.....

     When I brought my little cupcakes home, I made an innocent friendship with Disney Channel. After all, Disney programming has imbued my short life, since birth. Why not run some DC while I try and get through ten hours a day with two babies who can't talk? That, and I heard you're supposed to watch innocent things when children are around, and I was determined not to rot their brains immediately, and have to explain it to God later.
     But I've thought it over, and realize now....what's happened here is sabotage. Some boob snuck in one night, opened my bedside table and violently ripped the page out of my parenting guidebook. The one that says, "If you choose to fall prey to the seductive techniques of Disney Chanel, please use extreme caution.  Prolonged exposure may cause you to do a complete one-eighty and revert back to child-like behavior." Oh, for the love of Count Chocula....
     In short, loads of reflection on my part have gently told me that, getting excited to poor a Tupperware bowl full of cereal and milk, sprinting to my couch, in my nightgown, and stealing the "good" blanket, for a marathon of Phineas and Ferb......ehh, it may not be that normal. And I've worked my whole life to be normal. So Crap. 
     Today's post is open for complete discussion. Feel free to weigh-in with your thoughts dear Readers. I'd love to know whether I'm a complete freak, or whether there's a whole network of parents who find themselves watching cartoons when they don't really have to. Anyone? Anyone?

Until Next Time Readers!