Thursday, February 3, 2011

They Say She's Got The Cabin Fever, Pop

Good Afternoon Readers,

     If you've ever spent hours and hours pondering it, I'd like to add my two-cents and say, most assuredly, that the Donner Party ate each other, not out of hunger, but out of pure boredom. Being snowed-in does that to people. I should know....Been at it all week. Don't get me wrong, the family togetherness has been oh so wonderful, it's just the lack of activities that's a bit frustrating. I've restrained myself from posting, for fear that I'd look back over the last few days and realize I hadn't so much shared humorous annecdotes, but rather, created a hideously boring almenac of snowflake growth and it's effect on the stability of my roof.

     So what have we been doing? Well, no cannibalistic activity to speak of, but there's been a LOT of staring at each other, tv, movies, video games, and playing with the the same baby toys over and over again.
     All the while, I've tried my best not to eat everything in the cabinets. It's so hard not to consume the whole box of Rainbow Chips Delux, while watching stupid videos on YouTube...hate you YouTube. Definitely having horrifying visions of waddling out my door, the snow having melted us triumphantly free, and the neighbors screaming from the misconception that a large, jiggly, grizzly bear is emerging from its cave, hell bent on mauling the rest of the neighborhood...Grrrrr.
     A few things of note came out of our confinement, however.  Please see below:

Things of Note

1.) The Social Network is awesome. If you haven't already, RENT IT. Totally sucked us in, and the only entertaining thing I watched this week...besides people biting it on the sidewalk.

2.) I sang to the babies, and forced them to listen to all the music I like. Stemming from this, a deep appreciation for fat babies who try to sing along, and an overwhelming need for my children to have big dreams. In my grown-up fantasy, my children started their own band, feel sorry for my aging-self, and let me ride around in their tour bus. In a few years, I'll be proud to slap the "I live vicariously through my children" sticker, on my vehicle. 

3.) I build  much better toy-block creations than my husband. That's right, I said it....My robot beats your stupid alligator any day. em. Anyway...

Until Next Time Readers!