Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Memoriam: Requiescat in Pace

Morning Readers,

     In little white piles, it lay like fluffy snow, covering my back yard. My first thought? Confusion. I hadn't been hand-making pillows on the deck lately, so why did my grass look as though someone had stuffed a Build A Bear with a pipe bomb and run off? I squinted through my kitchen blinds, and after a couple second's worth of scanning, I spotted it, the sad, now muted corpse of  one of my daughter's greatest friends. Violet the talking, stuffed dog, had been kidnapped and brutally killed right under our noses. Because of my lack of vigilance, yet another stuffed comrade has died at the hands of Flea. Here are my words of parting.

 Violet the Dog, 3months, Former Companion

Violet the Dog, 3 months, died due to complications with canine teeth, Wednesday March 29, 2011.  She led a short but appreciated life, and was much loved by her owner. Rising to popularity, via her ability to record and say a child's name back to them, she provided hours of amusement by entertaining her pint-sized owner and scaring her owner's mother to death in the middle of the night. She is survived by a brother, Scout, 3 months, who will now do his part of entertaining both babies by himself.


Paige K.

-We ask that no donations be sent. The family held a private memorial service and has sent her to greener pastures, by way of trashcan.

Until Next Time Readers!