Friday, April 22, 2011

Ants, Lenten Status Report, and A Facelift

 Morning Readers,

     Three main orders of business today. As each one is important in their own way, I've decided to work from "least" to "most" as they appear in my head. So without further ado, Friday's laundry list:

 1.) Ants

     While sitting in the middle of the living room floor this morning and pondering why Husband had put the pink, Minnie Mouse pajama pants on my son for bed last night, I saw it. Black and shooting like a jet plane across my wood laminate, a shiny, black ant made it's way to whatever ant-destination of destruction it was headed for. I hate ants. This one, silent messenger carried with it, warnings of ant troops to come, horrible, vile troops that with invade my kitchen, permeate my cabinets, and do everything in their power to make sure I look as crazy as John Goodman in arachnophobia (which has now given me visions of all the spiders waking from their spider beds..ugh). Along with decapitating chocolate bunnies, I'll be spending a good amount of time searching for the bug spray.

2.) Lenten Status Report

     Lent is coming to end, and although I didn't mention it before, this season found me avoiding deserts as best I could. That makes it sound like I had no choice when I broke and had the Twinkie, half a cheese cake and two chocolate-covered granola bars that were masquerading as a "healthy snack". I did ok, but I resolve to do better next year.

3.) Last but not least, a big announcement. I'm aware that sounds a tad less enticing coming from a lady who looks forward to playing trivia by herself and gets excited when she's gathered enough documents to run the paper shredder, but still. Within the next couple days, There's More Where That Came From will be getting a facelift. Currently, I'm working with a wonderful blog designer who's taken it upon herself to brush off your favorite site and give you something to run and tell your neighbors about. For example:

Ring Ring.."Hey Jan, did you see what they did over at There's More where that Came From? You did? It sure is swell! No, I have no idea what swell means..."

(Update - As you may have noticed, the site changes are done! Let me know what you think!)

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Easter My Readers!