Monday, April 25, 2011

She Chose.....Wisely

Morning Readers,

     There's a scene in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade where the crinkly, old Knight, seeing Rutger Hauer about to five-finger discount one of the grails, gives him a little pep talk/warning before he stashes and dashes. Something to the effect of Choose the right one and live forever; Chooses the wrong one and you'll turn into toast..and not cool toast like Melba...more like the little bits that live at the bottom of the toaster. The bad guy invariably turns into melty piles of Jello, leaving the Knight to field the one-liner of, "He chose poorly." Normally, I'm the one choosing poorly. I am Jello Lady. This weekend, I finally got to be Indie, and swipe the "holy grail of silence, book it past giant blades, and save my manuscript..something like that..

     I'd been at it for an hour. Two trips to the grocery store, three vats of boiling water and a stoic battle with some evil green onions, and I'd achieved pasta salad nirvana.  Jesus had died for my sins, the least I could do was make peace with my kitchen and cook some noodles for my fellow man's Easter get-together. Besides, the quicker I got it done, the more time I had to spend relaxing with Husband before the "holiday tornado" descended upon us.
     Mouth full of chips and artichoke dip (because I can't cook without simultaneously eating something completely unrelated)I hermetically sealed the left-over, red, Christmas plastic wrap over the bowl, threw it in the fridge and grabbed a beer. Dancing happily into the living room, I excitedly announced to Husband that it was, "Time to...!" Time to do what? Observe him sleeping like a poached walrus adrift on a ice raft?
     If I'd still been a girlfriend, or a brand-newly wed, this would've bothered me - i.e. throwing a tantrum because "you just don't want to spend tiiiiiime with me..*sticks out lip and pouts like baby blowfish*.. But I'm a seasoned vet about to finish two "tours" in the marriage battlefield, so I did the math instead:

Sleeping babies + sleeping Husband = Uninterrupted, unbridled, truly scrumptrulecent  time to myself ...Holy Sack-clothed Hermitude, Batman! 

     It would've been rude not to invite them, so I dragged my friends the artichoke dip, beer and back-up Capri Sun with me. I positioned everyone around it and threw open the laptop. Any other time I sit down to the computer, I know I'm under time constraint. Jack Bauer doesn't know cow pies about trying to churn out a blog post or chapter, knowing all the while, twin babies will commence screaming in 45 minutes. Now that's a show I'd watch.  
     But no one screamed, or pulled my pant legs, or asked me what play they missed (ya know, cause I intern as ESPN when I'm not scraping poop off someone) while they were searching for the last ice cream bar. I just...typed. In silence. And you know what, Readers? Great things came out of that time. Not only did I find the "grail" of sweet peace and quiet, but the novel is officially on its way. Woot!
     I hope all of my wonderful Readers had a fantastic Easter. Also, feel free to let me know what you think about the new design. This will be our new "home" as it were..- insert creepy laugh here -

Until Next Time Readers!