Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guest Post: Babies on Leashes

Morning Readers,

      As you know, I usually don't post on Wednesdays, but that's perfect, because I've got Readers itching to throw some ideas out there. Today, I leave you with Alyssa Jordan from Columbia, GA, an upstanding citizen and mother to twin girls, who's been mulling over the idea of putting her children on a leash. Smart? You be the judge..

     As I'm sure you gathered from the title, we are talking about child leashes today. Now I know what you're thinking, "Ah. Here comes another lazy parent....". While I would've agreed wholeheartedly with you before having 18 month old twins, my perspective has changed considerably. The reason this option even occurred to me was because running small errands can be next to impossible with children, especially toddlers, toddlers who are the same age.
     All those shiny and luring items at your local store, seductively calling out to your children, "Pick me! Pick me! Mommy won't care! I'm so fun to play with!". While this may seem like the easy way out, why not make things easier on ourselves? Of COURSE this benefits mothers. And why should we have to do everything the way our mothers did it with their 8 kids? (Can't you just hear your mother's voice? "Well now, I walked to school in the snow with potato sacks on my feet, and raised 8 children that were all a year apart, did you see me walking my children around on leashes??") Technology has advanced, why not Momology? (I thought I was all clever for coming up with that term, then I googled it and realized some witty woman already invented it!)
      I can see the evil glares I will receive in my minds eye as I drag walk my children along. I will be smirking to myself, "Ain't no kidlums getting away from ME today!". While some would compare this option to treating my children like animals (which, even the best day, they're acting like it) it's not like I'll be taking them outside to do their business with my little "kiddy bag" in hand (you know, like the little doggy poop picker upper bags they have?).
     Now, having said all that, while I sit on the high horse of having twins (you know, the higher horse of which I sit upon and tell all of you with "singletons" that I will always have it harder than you?), and say that not all cases to use one of these is acceptable. (Using these contraptions past the age of 10 should probably be discouraged.) Even if you have a disobedient 3 year old, you have two hands to grab with. Then you say, "but yes, you still have two hands for two children". Then I say, "Yes, but what will I use to grab other stuff with?" No, "your toes" is not an acceptable answer!) I do not agree with using them wherever you go, say, when you're out on your daily walk in the park and you find yourself walking....your child. That seems a bit over the top and silly to me. There are definitely occasions where children should be able to roam free and wild in their natural habitat, such as a park.
     I'm open to other suggestions although I think the leash idea has won me over. (I will inform you before you even suggest it, a double stroller is much too hefty to maneuver around in a smaller store, which is where I need to go today.)  I don't think I will use leashes on my children past the age of 3, but get back to me in a year and a half..

Until Next Time Readers!