Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guest Post: Plastic Surgery to Stop the Bullying?

Morning Readers,

     It's Wednesday, and that means another, wonderful guest post from a fellow Readers. Today's writer is Lissette Minges from the great state of Oklahoma. Lissette would like to share her thoughts about child plastic surgery. Yes, you read that correctly. To nip and tuck? That is the question.. Lissette's adventures with her husband and baby boy, Oliver, can be found on her blog

     There was a 10 year-old girl on the news saying she wanted plastic surgery because her ear stuck out past her hair and kids made fun of her at school...and the worst part, her parents were okay with it! I'm not going to get all preachy and say you shouldn't alter what God gave you, but I am going to say not when you're 10 years old! The segment was about many minor kids wanting to have plastic surgery so they don't get made fun of, and they brought up the episode of Glee where Rachel wanted a nose job to be more like Quinn. I have so many thoughts on this, but I'll narrow it down for you.

      First of all, Glee is a TV show and Rachel decided to not have the surgery because she was okay with who she was. Isn't this the message we should be sending our children? Every kid gets made fun of in school. Every kid. Try growing up with the last name Pugh...walking target. But I made it thru, and it was because I had supportive parents to tell me the other kids...well, they'd just have to get over it because it was my last name and it wasn't going to change! Until I got married.

Third, on the other side of this topic is to the parents of the bullies. Pay attention to your kids! I know some kids will pick on each other and this is just how life works, but to the extent where kids want plastic surgery? Or to the point where kids are killing themselves or each other? Where does it stop? At some point we, as adults, have to step in and say it’s not okay. You have to step away from your phone, your job, your emails, your video games, and talk to your children. The Internet and technology is not only affecting the children of this generation, but also the parents. Teach your children how people are supposed to be treated, as human beings with emotions. This is the only way our future as senior citizens will not be doomed and we’re left to suffer because we would rather be our child’s friend than guide them in the right direction.

Lastly, it may shock some parents who are older than me or have children older than my own, and they may tell me I just don’t understand. I do understand because I was a kid once, and now it’s my job to raise one! Raise my child to have values, to play outside, to educate him, to give in the world, to love, to support the people he cares about, to think for himself, and to be himself! Somewhere along the line some of us parents make a choice to not invest in our children, and this is just heartbreaking. Where they feel other things are more important than their children. Or they care more about what they get for themselves than what they can for their kids. Sometimes when I have this conversation with others it sparks many other topics about how some people did not want or were not ready for a child. To me, this is still no excuse. When you decided to carry that child and bring it into the world, you took on the responsibility for helping mold a person. Frankly, some of us are doing a really crap job if you ask me.

I will leave you with this: Parents, it is time to grow up. Teach your children to be good people and to care about each other. Do not add to the already growing hatred in our world. And please, do not give me excuses about video games, television, Internet, and rap music because honestly this is just your excuse. Teach your child what it means to love their self. Stop telling your children to change who they are to make someone else happy, seriously!

Rant end.