Monday, September 5, 2011

A Labor Day Thought And An Award

 Morning Readers,
     Ahh..the three day weekend. Today is Labor Day in the good old USA, meaning everyone gets together and talks about why they hate working so much. Or maybe that was me at 8 o'clock in the morning, grumbling about why the children had to "..wake up and eat breakfast for the 300th day in a row." While I poked at my oatmeal, I contemplated all the other chores I'd be doing. I'd already taken out the trash, sprinting quickly so no one could see my pink fairy pajama bottoms and medical scrub pants. And then I remembered the laundry sitting in the dryer. And then I got mad and slapped my oatmeal. Why? Because oatmeal needs to be put in its place, and because:

     "Sweetheart, I need to get the babies ready for bed. Would you go get their laundry? It's clean and in the dryer."

     "Sure." Husband nodded and headed downstairs.

     I proceeded to change Butch and Sundance and finish the excruciating task of watching Barney the purple dinosaur sing and dance his way into my nightmares. Husband came back up the stairs and handed me something.

     "What's this?"

     "Their pajamas. You said they needed to get ready for bed."

     "Where's the rest of the laundry? Did you hide it in the oven so you could surprise me, when I accidentally cooked something?" Squinting, I dangled the two pajama sets off my pointer finger.

     "Oh, did you want me to bring all of it up?" He shrugged a little. 

     "No no...I'll have the Laundry Fairies bring it up, later. After all, everyone knows, once laundry's dry, you have to put it in again, for a second drying. Otherwise, how would you light the house on fire?...
..the Laundry Fairies know that, so leave it to them."

     Two days later, the same situation managed to present itself. "Honey, I'm changing the babies, will you go get their laundry?"

     He paused for a moment and replied, "All of it?" 

     "Yes, all of it. Even if my underwear tells you it wants to stay in their because it's too afraid to come upstairs...bring it anyway."

     That time, I got the whole basket. But what about today? I've got eight loads of laundry ready to go, and heard the Laundry Faires observe national holidays. So that's just great...

     In other news, Yours Truly was given the LIEBSTER blog award, by fellow blogger Regectedriter!

     It means "favorite". I haven't been this excited since I won that pumpkin-carving contest in sixth grade for my Elvis pumpkin... Check out this fantastic blog about dealing with rejection in most hilarious way possible. If you're a writer or anyone else who's gotten turned down for something, you'll be able to appreciate it. The stick figure drawings will make you a believer...

      And now, as it's my duty to pass it on, I'd like to award the Liebster to some other fantastic folks who make the blogging world a little brighter. I'll have those posted up for you tomorrow..

Until Next Time, Readers!