Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Moving Picture Show

Everyone was disappointed that The English Patient in 3D wasn't what they thought it'd be...
 Morning Readers,

     I'd heard about it in the newspapers...wait..no...maybe it was on TV. "Talking pictures" was what everyone kept calling them. For a price, people our age could gather in large groups, at something called a "movie theater", and sit in their very own chairs... Chairs made of smooth velvet, uninterrupted dreams. You didn't even have to have a baby attached to your leg, to get in. Confirming this information, I threw my half-eaten waffle into the living room, and proclaimed. "Honey Dew, I've found the answer to our prayers. Hitch the horses and put on your Sunday best..we're going into town." To which, he replied...

     "Are you going to eat this waffle, or leave it stuck to the couch?"

     "I'm going to eat it. Now..to the Batmobile."

     My fingers tremble typing it... "Date night"..so smooth, it sounds like butter over a bald chihuahua. I've only known Husband for four years, but every time I went back and counted, we hadn't been out in seven of those four. But yesterday night, we convinced my sisters to babysit, and got ready to venture into public. I smoothed down my eyebrows and wore a bra. Husband put on deodorant and tied his shoes.

     On the way there, I tried to quell the nervousness. "So, what do you think people are like, these days? Are they nice? When we get to the the-a-tre...is that how you say it? ...Can I sit in any seat I want? Will they ask why we didn't bring the kids?"



     "We've been parked for fifteen minutes. Can we go in now?"

     Holding hands, we walked to the cashier. "Hi what can I do for you?"

     Jumping up and down, I shouted, "I'm seeing a movie." I slapped my money at the glass and looked sideways. "He's coming with me." Husband held my hand a little tighter, as he lead the way into the theater. I couldn't help but fall further in love with him, when he leaned in close and whispered..

.."Keep it down. I don't want to get arrested on our only night out."

     After calling the bank and getting a second mortgage approved, I bought some candy, and we wandered in search of seats. "I want to sit in the red one." I insisted.

     "They're all red."

     I pointed at the screen. "Wow Babe, the picture's so big, I feel like I'm in the previews."

     "That's not the screen, those are the people in front of us..please stop patting that woman's head."

     "Do we need 3D glasses?"

     "We're seeing The Help.."


     The rest of the movie went pretty smoothly, and Husband only tried to hide under the seats twice. Both times, I successfully lured him back out with peanut M&M's. Either or, it was a much-needed outing and the movie was really good.

So Readers, how often do you get out for date night?

     As promised yesterday, here are the fine winners of the prestigious LIEBSTER blog award, which I was graciously given by the seriously funny regectedriter. If you haven't already, go check out his awesome blog. Now, let's see...

Elisabeth Hirsch's Blog - EC Writes: The Hilarious Adventures of a Writing Mom. One of my current favorites. She writes, she's a musician and there's some speculation that her mother may have been a cow. Who couldn't love someone who gives their kids nicknames like "The Scribe", "The Hippie", and "Zombie Elf"?

Lani Wendt Young - Sleepless In Samoa : A great perk of my day is tuning in to see what craziness this writer and mom of five kids is up to. Always funny and straightforward, be prepared to learn about life, love and Samoa.

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Padded Cell Confessions : She's taking on Ireland with her super-smart-Star-Wars-loving husband. She also thinks I may have sent the only spider in Europe after her.

Lyn Midnight - Against The Odds : I love this blog because it's always random. Every day is something a little bit different. Musings on movies and bucket lists...

Congrats guys! *hands out awards*

Until Next Time, Readers!