Friday, October 21, 2011

An Absent Mind Is....

Afternoon Readers,

     Yesterday I spent an hour looking for my cell phone. If I didn't find it, I wouldn't have it for when no one called, like usual. If I missed all my non-existent calls, how was I going to not talk to all the people who were trying to not call me about things that didn't concern me at all? After going through all the drawers, the refrigerator and propping-up the dog, I still hadn't found it. I turned to the babies. "Did you eat it?" I put my ear to Sundance's belly to see if I could hear a dial tone. Nothing. It wasn't until I went for my third cookie of the day, that I found it sitting next to the bread. I sighed an ate an Oreo. It had happened again...

     For several weeks now, I've been noticing a strange phenomena. I'll be in the middle of doing something like dusting my credit cards, when I'll get distracted, wander off and forget what I was doing, leaving the previous task completely unfinished.

     This morning, I drank my usual cup of coffee and frowned at the dog. "This tastes like gravel. Did you try and brew it again?" I took his slamming the door as a no, and, upon further inspection, I'd forgotten to actually brew the coffee and just finished a mug full of grounds. While I flossed, I remembered I'd seen a water spot on the front door and gotten distracted on my way to the coffee pot...

     That night, at dinner, Husband made a huge to-do about something. He pointed at his plate. "I can't eat this."

     "Why not? You love steak."

     "It's not cooked. ....Wait, I thought it was chicken."

     "Can you eat it anyway? I got busy pulling the babies out of the dishwasher and forgot. You need to make a choice, the safety of your children or food poisoning. Answer carefully, they're both listening."

     "That shouldn't be a choice."

     "And rainbows are made for wishing. Look, I don't make the rules."

     It's only getting worse, day by day. I've tried to pay the water bill with a grocery list, twice. And the neighbors just confirmed I've been walking around with one pant leg on and one off because I can't seem to remember what I was doing before I started brushing the mirror and shining my teeth. Some people tell me this is called "mom brain", but I think rooms just have more shiny objects than they used to.

If I remember to post this, I'll be pretty excited. I'll do that right after I look for my phone. I think someone wasn't supposed to call me this afternoon...

So tell me, are you forgetful?

Until Next Time, Readers!