Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween How-To

Morning Readers,

     Did you know Halloween's only four days from now? Yesterday, as I sat and carved faces into milk jugs to set on the front porch, I couldn't help feeling the holiday had snuck up on me, again. Except, this year, our bank account's a little lighter than last year. While I secured the jugs to the railing, with twine, I did my best to brainstorm cheap, easy costumes able to be completed entirely by glue gun. But, though my nickname on the rough streets of Craftville is "Mean Melty McFelty", ideas weren't exactly falling out of my jugs. So, I did what I do in a non-crisis and tried to glean inspiration from good-mom magazines. Here's a few blurbs I'm saving to help put something together for Butch and Sundance...
     "Making costumes has never been easier. Just follow the chart from step 5 all the way to step 1. In no time, your child can be a RAEB, HCTIW or a TSOHG. - Jan, The Crafty Dyslexic

     "Make sure it's plastic and has your name on it. Then you swipe it, like, you know, with purpose. If you're custom-ordering, online, just type in the numbers. I always volunteer to "make" costumes for the school plays." - Ellen, Rich Mom Weekly

     "Let the candy corn guide you to what you want to be." - The Quiet Candy Storm Weekly: Extra fat edition

     "Every year I hear bout this "Halwen" thing, and I'm tellin' the kids this year what I did last. We ain't celebratin' no holiday has anythin' to do with door-to-door salesmen. We got a us a new vacuum five years ago."  - Phylis,  The Country Housewife

     "You'll need some string, scissors, yarn, poster board, batteries, glue, glitter, oven mitts, a trained bear, three hoola hoops, clean motor oil, cotton balls, a toothbrush, rubber cement, milk and tin foil, and someone who can drive a big rig."
- Linda, All Hallow's Abstract Quarterly

     "I usually hide behind the shades, until it's all over. So yeah, I guess you could say I go as a ghost, every year." - Beverly, Good Housekeeping Recluse

I'll keep working on it...

What costume ideas are you guys throwing around?

Until Next Time, Readers!