Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nerd Alert

 Morning Readers,
     When Husband and I go out, the general populace usually radiates around our cool. Girls faint, men set free drinks on the sidewalk, and bartenders as us if we're inconveniencing them. Recently, one young lady stopped us and asked, "Are you two super heroes?" We laughed, flexed, told her to stop shaking and that no, we weren't super heroes, but our perfect physiques and impeccably straight noses were terribly misleading. Yep, it's hard being so cool. I'll let you in on a little secret, though... we have to work at it. Mostly by having conversations like this...
     "I feel like I dreamed a lot last night." Husband kept both eyes on the road.

     "I did too. Wanna know what about?"


     I bounced in my seat. "I was in a wand fight with Lord Voldemort. Only, it didn't look like him, but I knew it was."

     He rolled his eyes. "Are you talking about Harry Potter?"

     "Listen, buddy, there's a lot of people who would love to dream about a wand duel with He Who Must Not Be Named."

     "There's not.."

     "Oh yeah? Well what did you dream about that was so great?"

     Husband smiled. "Football."

     "I guess that's alright. Were you playing? Or, maybe managing a professional team? In your dream world are we rich? Did you buy me a big, fake chest and let me scream " Let's go y'all", from my extravagant, three-thousand dollar suite? Do the players respect you even though you just bought the team?"

     "I wasn't managing."

     "What were you doing then?"

     "Watching it."

     "Wait...you dreamed about watching football, all night?"


     "Did you finally wake up, or did you bore yourself into consciousness?"

How does your nerdiness measure-up? 

Until Next Time, Readers!