Monday, October 17, 2011

The Uninvited Guest Part II : Rise of the Underground

Morning Readers,

     You'll be happy to know there's been a break in the case:

     Staring at the sprinkled window sill, I wracked my brain. Had we bought the house with or without poop? Flipping through the Tupperware full of official documents, I scanned the contract: Broken window, questionable carpet, one kitchen, invisible fireplace, poop. I looked Butch and Sundance. "Barring the possibility you two pooped on this window sill, it seems our guest has shown his hand. To the Bat mobile..." The rest of the morning was spent gathering supplies and preparing for battle. By the time Husband got home, I was ready..

     We made our plans by light of beer. Pulling my ski mask back, I looked at my partner and took a sip from my can. "So, what now?"

     Using the black under his eyes, he drew a map on the cofee table. "From what Intelligence gathered, the enemy is stationed here, here and here."


     "What I heard when I got up to get a glass of water the other night."

     "I see."

     "How many traps did you and the recruits buy?"

     "Not a mouse trap left in the city, Sir."

     Husband set down his can. "Good. Let's move out."

     Like a shadow, he moved through the house, slathering peanut butter on traps and setting them at strategic points. He grabbed my arm. "Now, we wait...and catch up on episodes of Breaking Bad."

     "Rodger." Kicking my steal-toed boots onto the coffee table, I prepared for a long evening of waiting. Our mouse could be smart, could take him hours to fall into our trap. Two minutes passed before we heard the first "snap"... and then other...and then another.

     Snap, snap, snap. Amid heavy fire, we jumped up. Husband ran to the sink and threw open the doors. "Oh yeah, we've got him. You hold out the bag and I'll throw them in." Together, we bagged two mice, and headed for the garage, where another mouse was thrown in with the others.

    "Good work, Captain. Maybe they all came out at once."

    Looking doubtful, Husband reset the traps. "We'll see. I need you now. Stay strong."

    Reaching the couch, we'd just sat back down when three more snaps echoed around the house. "Hey Babe, ever read Graveyard Shift?"

    "Uh uh."

    I shuddered. "That's six of them, so far. What if we've angered the giant Head Mouse and it's coming for us?"

     The next morning I was informed three more were caught overnight. Yesterday, we caught two more, bringing the grand total to eleven. Today's been quiet, but who knows?

Maybe they're regrouping...

Until Next Time, Readers!