Friday, December 30, 2011

Gimme Some Resolution

Morning Readers,
     Well, here we are at the end of another year. Almost three-hundred-sixty-five days behind us, and, in my case, prospectively bigger pants in front. Some of you are probably wondering what type of resolutions I've made for 2012. I'll let you see the rough draft I've been working on:

(As organized by me, at this moment in time, not withstanding any changes that may occur due to laziness, sickness, marmot attacks)

- Quit smoking period as much as last year, but not so much so as to totally quit, but enough to say, casually, at parties, "I do, yes..but only every once in a while...every other Saturday, when it's my Sunday off."

- Make a shadow box for things I find on the street. Laminate labels, such as, "Glass", "Broken Glass", "Bottle Caps", "Broken Dreams-Lost Whispers", and "Paper".

-Stop forgetting to send my application to Cirque Du Soleil, and just send the darn thing, already. (Cross fingers tightrope-walker position still open. If not, search Career Builder for anything under "bearded lady")

- Clean bathroom on days ending in "y", instead of "o".

- Explain to Husband I'm joining the circus.

- Brush my hair, all the way through.

- Save money by cutting necessary expenses such as camel rental for my next birthday party entrance, down-stuffed insoles for all of my ballet flats, hand massages anytime I write anything.

- Look into having my Gin glass engraved, so no one steals it. (Note to self: decide, beforehand, whether it should be in "Times New Roman or "Wing Dings".)

- Be a better mother....create separate list dedicated to this topic.

- Stop prank calling John Stamos. (Phone bill last month showed thirty-five calls placed. This is not even in the realm of "discreet" originally decided upon.)

- Just because it's clean, doesn't make it ok to wear in public. Fix this.

- Lose weight

-Gain weight...but not more than I just lost. Otherwise, it'll be a "two steps forward" type of deal.

-Buy stock in Oreos

Well, there you go. Things I'll be working on in the coming year. I hope all of you have a fantastically wonderful New Year's Eve and a relaxing New Year's Day. I'll see you all back here, in 2012, and we'll begin another, even better year...:)

Oh, and if you're wondering what Husband and I will be doing on NYE....probably something weird like this...

Ok, let's have it. What resolutions are we making together, everyone?

Until Next Time, Readers!