Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well, Deck My Halls

Morning Readers,
     Yesterday morning, I started hyperventilating. Don't worry, it's only a seasonal problem. I'd finally flipped the calendar from November to December, and couldn't help noticing the proximity of Christmas to where I was standing. The funny thing about children is they grow, and this year, they're just competent enough to start making memories of the way I used to never do fun holiday activities with them. Years from now, they won't go to college because of this, and call every Christmas to remind me how they never turned their hand print into a reindeer. It's a vicious circle. Terribly complex. Anyhow, determined we do something, I decided to hop on the old internets and find a simple craft to get us in the spirit...

..the spirit of what, I'm still deciding.

     After breakfast, I made the announcement. "Babies, Momma's going to find us a nice, simple ornament to work on. Wait for me before you fire up the glue guns. It'll be just a sec."

     Sundance waived. "Cookie."

     "I suppose we could cut cookies out of felt, but momma might eat them by accident, at night. Best explore our options." Slowly I tapped out my search "Easy ornaments to work on with children under the age of two, that don't require any effort." A website popped up. I clicked on www.wouldntyouknowitwehavesuchacraft.com. "Christmas fixin' to come early in this house." I shouted.

Then, I started to scan the list of projects:

Whimsical Snowman 
You will need:
Scissors,glue, hat, gloves, charcoal, felt, rubber cement, a junior chemistry set, paper bags, paint, a college degree, glitter, sandwich bags, and magic to bring him to life (you can order A Beginner's Guide To the Dark Arts, here).

Jolly Santa 
You will need:
A bowl, scissors, felt, glue, real cat hair, dried beans, twine, strawberry jam, a background in electronics, wrapping paper in fun patterns, dry ice and a cured reindeer hoof. Please allow 12 - 32 hours for project completion.

     I stopped reading when I noticed a tutorial had begun playing in the upper right hand corner. A blonde woman was spreading supplies around a craft table. "You look nice." I whispered. My ears pricked up as she began her speech.

     "Hi there, everyone. I'm Nancy."

     "Hi, Nancy."

     "Are you ready to learn an easy craft for the whole family?"


     "Today, we're going to make Popsicle-stick snowflakes."

     "I love snowflakes."

     She grinned. "Now, I want everyone to start by whittling down the log you just dragged in from the woods. Make sure it's dried out next to an open fire. If you've got chestnuts roasting there, be sure to move them out of the way. After you've carved out a dozen Popsicle sticks, I'll show you how to mix up the glue."

Maybe me and the babies will just hang a wreath, tomorrow...
Anyone else started on their decorating yet? Be honest..how much glitter is there?