Friday, January 13, 2012

Fanmail Friday and Some Awards

Afternoon Readers,
     Initially, I wasn't going to do a Fanmail Friday, today, but after peaking into the bag of mail that is the random search terms leading to this very blog, I found a couple of your questions which need to be addressed, no waiting. So, before we do anything else...

1.) "Weave own underpants"

     I'm glad you came to me first. The best advice I can give you is "don't". Trust me, I've spent many a night, laying awake and wondering, "Do I make new underpants or buy some?" Three failed attempts and one broken loom later, I can, again, confidently say, just don't.

2.) "Numbers going through hourglass"

     Why do you think no one tries to reinvent the Rubik's Cube or the cheese grater? Because they work. You can't just get up, one day, and decide you'll be shoving numbers through an hour glass, instead of sand. You..yes, you...put that sand back, this instant, and go see a movie or something.

3.) "a new romance, the excitment"

     Don't worry. This feeling passes. I recommend a cold compress and repeating the words, "for better or worse".

Now then, the next wonderful order of business is to announce that a couple awards and or accolades found their way in to my sticky paws, this week.

First up: I am now "Fishducky Approved"! If you don't know her, she's the hottest blog commenter in town. She doesn't have a blog, but her comments beat everyone else's, hands down. Don't feel bad if she's showed you up after you thought you typed something witty; it's what she does. She trains for it.
Thank you, Fishducky...:)

Secondly, I was shocked and honored to receive the "Kreativ Blogger" award from the lovely Jennifer Eaton, who blogs at about all things writing. It is now my duty to pass this on to six, lucky bloggers just itching for a pretty, new button to put on their site. I'll share the rules and the winners, here, on Monday. Thanks, Jennifer!

Now, get out there and have a great weekend...because if someone should, it shouldbe someone who reads this blog.

Until next Time, Readers!