Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Letter From The Editor: Duty Calls and A Column

Afternoon Readers,

     I wish I had something more exciting for you, today, but the fact of the matter is the children keep going on about how they need to be fed three times, today. Can you believe the audacity? Three times?? Then it's "change my diaper" this, and "get me dressed in clean clothes", that. I try and tell them, "I just put you in clean clothes, on Sunday," but they insist it's what everyone's doing these days. Note to self: teach these kids not to follow what the popular kids are doing.

     I tell you, it's the height of rudeness. Do they not know I'd rather be fanning myself, eating chocolates, and rolling to the computer to work on my book? Good thing they're so cute. At any rate, today got the best of me, so I must leave you with the article I got published on Sunday. Some of you were very kind and already read it, so thank you for bearing with my boringness on this fine Tuesday. The rest of you may click here.
I shall see you all back here on Thursday...that is, if these kids forget about the idea of breakfast, lunch and dinner..sheesh.

Until Next Time, Readers!