Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Night of Romance and Excitement

Susan couldn't help thinking, if she had a nickle for every time Frank fell asleep with a lit cigarette...
Morning Readers,

     As you know, Husband and I don't get out very much. Well, he goes to work, and I stay home, Googling what people look like - And I must say, you all are extremely thin and attractive. But where is this Gap place  you all hang out at?- However, when New Year's Eve rolled around, Heaven smiled, Grandpa took the babies, and Husband and I were free to plot our whole twenty-four hours of free time. We started by powwowing in the living room...

     I flopped on the couch. "Can you believe it? A whole 24 hours?"

     Husband smiled. "I know. What should we do with it? I was thinking we get all dressed up, go to dinner, head downtown, go dancing, see a show, and participate in that flash mob that'll be popping and locking it to Thriller next to the nice barbeque place on the Plaza. I printed off the steps."

     I sat up. "You're thinking too small, man! Twenty-four hours, not minutes. I think we should get dressed, go to dinner, see a musical, learn Mandarin, start a non-profit, watch fireworks, maybe find someone who'll teach us clog dancing. Then, of course, we'll have to get fitted for new clogs..."

     Excitement started to get the best of us. Husband stood up. "Maybe go tiger hunting!"


     "Pet stray dogs!"

     "Compose and perform beatnik poetry, outside the grocery store! That reminds me. I'm pretty sure we need milk..."

     And so, after I napped from noon until 6pm, we got up, dressed, and headed out. The good news was there were lots of restaurants to eat at. The better news was that we were the last ones to forget to call in a reservation. During our thirty-minute wait, there was still lots of time for planning our exploits.

     I got crazy and held his hand. "After we eat, I really think we should try and find that fire-breathing sideshow we talked about. That'll give us time to make it to a movie and get home in time to work on all those crafts."


     But, something funny happened around the time our food was delivered. Husband looked at me. "Maybe we should just see a movie. I got a little tired all of the sudden."

     "Perhaps you used it all up trying to explain what Chicken Spiedini is, to our waiter."

     "But, he should know."

     "I'm feeling a little tired too, though. Perhaps we'll just see a movie and do the bungee jumping."

Scene: Two people stare into space, while parked outside of a movie theater.
Woman: I can barely keep my eyes open. What time is it?
Man: Nine o'clock
Woman: Do people honestly stay up this late? It's sick.
Man: I don't know, but I think I'm about to lose consciousness, again.
Woman: If you can just hang on a little longer, I'll get us out of here. *slaps man* Damnit, I said to stay with me!

*Car reverses out of parking lot, while woman hangs her head out the window, yelling at passing teenagers with Bieber hair*

Woman: You kids get back home. Nothing happens after seven o'clock.

     So, we made out way home, burrowed into the couch, and watched Sherlock Holmes. We didn't even do one craft.

Who can top this excitement? What did you guys end up doing on New Years?         

Until Next Time, Readers!