Monday, January 16, 2012

Take One and Pass It On: Ten More Things You Weren't Sure You Wanted To Know About Me

Morning Readers,
     On Friday, I mentioned the lovely Jennifer Eaton had bestowed the "Kreativ Blogger" award on myself because I fooled her into thinking I was, in fact, kreativ. I thought about bursting the old bubble, and sending her some pictures of the macaroni mosaic I did last week in kindergarten, but thought better of it, due to her great kindness. The requirements of accepting the award are quite simple. I must pass it on to six bloggers who have visually catching blogs, and then blurt out ten facts about myself. Let's get the painful part out of the way, shall we?

1.) Of all professions, I consider Vampire Hunter to be in the top five most respected, but in the top three least talked about.
2.) As of now, I don't have a favorite color (this is subject to change)
3.) I just now realized creative isn't spelled with a "k".
4.) The twins almost attacked me, this morning, after figuring out the powdered doughnut stock had been depleted.
5.) Per Captain's log, I may or may not have changed 60 diapers, last week.
6.) I only made it through a fraction of the Golden Globes, last night.  The combination of arrogance, people looking better than me in ball gowns, and the fact that I ate three packages of candy, within the first thirty minutes, knocked me out like a puma with a tranquilizer in its hiney.
7.) Day three of finger-combing my hair is going smoothly.
8.) I want scrambled eggs, but I'm too lazy to make them, right now.
9.) The eyeliner smudged under my eyes isn't doing anything for the leopard print robe I'm wearing.
10.) I might kill the dog, today, if he doesn't shut his yapper.

And now, on to the six people who's blog design caught my peepers....

Kelley's Break Room: By far, one of my new favorite blogs. Her design is cute, and she's even inviting people to come be a janitor for a day.

Will Write For Cookies : Her design is super-cute...and it helps that I love cookies and writing.

Camp Patton : Grace decided to uber-sleak her blog, over the last few days, and make it cuter than it already was. If you head over there, today, you can learn how to turn a jacket into a turtleneck....nope, I couldn't fathom how she did it, either.

Namammaste : Love Erika and all the changes she's been working on with her blog design. She's the sweetest, so I suggest you go over and make a new friend.

Crazy World : I know she hates getting awards, but, sorry, Melynda, no one else has a banner quite like yours...

Blogging Barefoot : Her giant glasses will reel you in. Her hilarious stories will make you a follower.

Congrats, everyone!

*Hands out awards*

Until Next Time, Readers!