Thursday, February 16, 2012

Come Fly With Me

"Now that the babies are safely in the cargo hold, we can blow this joint..."
 Afternoon Readers,

     I won't wax too prolific today, as I'm in a serious debate with myself, and I'll need your help, suggestions and advice. You see, Husband and I have been presented with the opportunity to go on a mini vacation. Although we'd prefer to ship the children ahead, via Fed Ex, we're inclined, instead, to take them on a plane with us.

     It sounds all well and good, but I'm having rather vivid daymares about children clubbing us to death, running over the stewardess, with the drink cart, taking over the plane, and demanding we fly to a country made of cookies and "ju". Hmm....

    So, today, I'm sampling everyone for some quick advice, before I make this most drastic decision. Plane with almost-two-year-olds..yay..or nay? Also, if anyone has any advice on how to make that trip smoother, when I inevitably say yes, so that I can escape the house for a bit, it's more than welcome.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting Fanmail Friday... ok, maybe not exciting, but there'll be words typed out and stuff.

Until Next Time, Readers!