Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thanks For the Toilet Seat, Valentine...

Afternoon Readers,

     In case you're wondering, no, I still have yet to receive the eight pound box of chocolates I'm eagerly anticipating. No cards, no flowers, (one very sweet text, but it wasn't in paper form, so it doesn't count for shallow, commercial appeal), but I'm still riding a pretty good Valentine's Day high. How can I not, when the bathroom experience I had was so wonderful? You see, dear Readers, Husband went above flowers and cupid, after...

     "I think I broke it."

     "Broke what? Were you trying to plug the vacuum in with your feet, again?"

     I shook my head. "No. I um...broke the toilet seat."

     "First of all, that's way too much information. Secondly, we talked about this; rhythmic gymnastics in that small of a space is always a bad idea."

     "Agreed. Well, that's that."

     Husband sighed. "I'll fix it."

     "You can fix something like that? Huh..I was gonna suggest we sell the place."

     I hadn't done anything particularly crazy. It took one wrong slide, a desperate attempt for a magazine across the room, and the darn seat took off like it finally realized what it'd been being used for all this time. For the past few weeks, it hadn't been so bad. We'd position the seat just so, and kept verbal warnings going to, "get in there, do your business, but don't get crazy".

     In fact, we'd gotten way too comfortable with the situation. If we left the house, we'd begun asking public establishments if we could use the toilets that didn't move. Stuck in a a restaurant bathroom, I'd absently rmarked to the stall next to me, "Boy, too bad this thing's so well anchored, I've gotten really good at clacking out, "London Bridge."

     But, yesterday, Husband took the newly-procured toilet seat and installed it. Overwhelmed with joy, I ran upstairs to try it out. Sweet stability.

     I'm truly grateful for this change in bathroom experience. Although, I'll definitely miss having to ask our house guests, "On a scale of one-to-ten, how much do you move, when you've got to move?"

So, thank you, Valentine...

Now then, I promised to hand out this award today. Envelope, please...

Maggie over at Padded Cell Confessions: This lovely lady posts so many sweet pictures of cats saying ridiculous things, she deserves it for her scouring of the internets.

Elisa at Crazy Life of A Writing Mom: She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and her stories are wonderful, to boot.

My friend Hava over at Little Right Leg: Her stories about life with her husband and beautiful little girl keep me coming back to see what they're up to. She's also a cake pop master, so that deserves a sweet blogger award, right there.

Well, I hope you guys have a fantastic Valentine's Day. Feel free to share any lame or awesome plans you've made for today. In the mean time, I must keep watch on the door, so I can extract any chocolate Husband may or may not have when he gets home...

Until Next Time, Readers!