Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Little of This, Little of That

Because it's random like the post, but also because I hate the runs as well.
Afternoon Readers,

     While things are fairly quiet on the home front, I thought I'd check in. Also, please read the word "quiet" as "Thank the Heavenly Lord the twins finally fell asleep because the trip we just took to the grocery store almost killed, maimed and brought me this close to trying to exchange them for the groceries I was buying. Unfortunately, the checker was all like, "Umm, do they know how to make change?"

     To which, I had to respond, "No, but I bet if you take them now, they'll start believing you're their mother, in two to five days. Isn't that how it happens in the wild?"

     "This is Walmart."

     "Technically, I think that counts as a wild-life preserve."

     At any rate, unable to convince Sally Stuff-your-stuff-in-bags she wanted to become a mommy, we made it home, and now I'm eating snack mix out of the box, enjoying the peace, and thinking that if Flea doesn't stop growling,  I know exactly what I'm making for dinner tonight.

Mmm...I just found a tiny pretzel.

     What else, what else? Ahh, yes. I'd like to take a moment and thank everyone who came out to my social media presentation this past weekend. After I talked to myself in the car for a while and worked up enough courage to leave the driveway, things went great. I had a wonderful crowd who asked tons of fantastic questions, and made me feel like I half-way knew what I was talking about. I think starting my speech with, "Hi, I'm Paige," really turned things around.

     By the way, one of my attendees, Mayra, has a blog over at Ponder Wonders, and I'd love you to death if you popped over and said "Hello." She's super sweet, and it was a joy having her at the program.

     Also, in case you were wondering, Sundance has settled on repeating the name of her favorite TV show, "Super Why"...about 800 times within the last 48 hours. Everyone now know that her favorite show is..

     "Foofer Why."

     Butch is too busy stripping down and pooping on everything to repeat words. Pooping on everything takes time and effort.

     Sorry so short today. I've got to get going on my next article for the paper, work on my book, and kill the dog, for dinner.  

Until Next Time, Readers!