Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet My Doppelgänger....

Betty never understood way Barbara got to wear the good purse. At least she'd gotten her pick of the hats.
Afternoon Readers,

     I've been accused of looking like a few people, in my time. I've written and apologized to most of them, of course, but I've never bought into the idea that there's someone out there who's a mirror image of me...but that was before I stumbled onto her blog. That's right, another Paige. She may not look like me, but, after doing a quick perusal/joining of her site Simple Etiquette With Proper Paige, I now realize God put a much better version of me on this Earth. I'll let you pop on over and aquaint yourself...

     Now then, from what I gather, the Paige in question is the good twin. To be honest, my immediate response was to assume that I was the upstanding one, but we all know that's not the truth. A woman doesn't get to chase her dog with a Swiffer, pour Gin on her cereal, and tell her twins to...

"Hush, while mommy finds out what happened on The Voice. We'll read later. Wait, tell me your name, so I'll know how to find you afterwards."

     Where I routinely talk to my spandex and figure out how many times macaroni can be reheated and still pulled apart, the delightful Paige teaches people about etiquette. Before I gave her content a good look-over, I could've sworn etiquette was how you stopped the bleeding if you're ever attacked by a mountain lion.

     Today she's talking about polite ways to make air travel easier. A few weeks ago, I called Southwest to see if the babies could ride in the cargo hold.

     "What do you mean that's extra?" I cried. "It's not like they're rare tree-dwelling monkeys from Bongalooloo."

     OK, I just checked her "about me" page, and found out she's an English major too. I'm seriously freaked out. How many English majors are actually out there? Last time I counted, there were only two, and that other guy changed his number, so I'd stop calling about starting a support group.

     That tears it; I have to interview this woman. I have to. You don't know me Proper Paige, but we're going to have to have a serious sit down. If you're reading this, please consider an interview, or reply to my email when I write asking about an interview.

     Now, I must go rest and processes the fact that all this time I've been the bad twin. If you've found yours, please feel free to share...

Until Next Time Readers!