Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Double Trouble...

"What do you mean we set the house on fire? Do you not see how sweet we are? Maybe you set the house on fire."
Afternoon Readers,

     Today marks two years of having stretch marks, not knowing where my waste starts and my torso begins, and never wearing clothing that doesn't have food on it. But, it also marks the the birthday of the reason for this blog and why everyone thinks I pass as interesting. I'd like you all to join me in saying Happy Birthday to Butch and Sundance.

I'd also like you to join me in saying, "Get off that counter and stop trying to stab your brother with that crayon."

(After you're done saying both these things, please see me about having the twins come stay with you for one-to-two week blocks.)

Things We've Learned to Do This Year:

Tell me to "Go way, Momma".
Tell me I'm a "Nice Momma" and pat me on the head
Draw with crayons
Draw on the cabinets
Sleep in big kid beds
Fall out of big kid beads
Scream "Elmo" at anything that moves
Climb things that don't look like they can be climbed
Found a new role model in Curious George
Pour milk without a cup
Sing in broken English
Dance spastically
Yell, "Grandma" at anyone over forty

     Yes, we've made progress by leaps and bounds this year.  And now I'm off to get ready for the second half of today's festivities, going out to dinner and hoping the waitress doesn't mind being called Grandma.

Until Next Time, Readers!