Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Lovely?...Why Thank You: Seven Things That Annoy Me

The face I'll generally make if you try to take my picture... good luck.
Afternoon Readers,

     Although she, admittedly, doesn't participate in them much, Melynda over at Crazy Word accepted the Lovely Blogger Award and passed it on to a lucky few. The reason I love this woman so much, is because she's so much like me, and because of that, has simplified the process into something so fantastic, it makes me want to keep nominating her for more awards, and more awards, and more awards...because she loves that.

     Because of this, I get to throw out a lengthy list of rules and just list seven things that annoy me. On a Thursday. Practically like getting to sit and eat Twix bars while someone else lets my kids chase them with a foam bat.

Thursday Presents: Seven Things That Annoy Me

1.) Not being able to reach the remote. Note that I said "reach". If it's lost then I turn over and go to sleep, but if I just can't reach it, I lay there, moaning like a beached whale watching poachers run at it with harpoons that bring eminent death.

2.) Bills....because, in most other countries, my sunny disposition is considered currency. Get with it, America.

3.) Getting a good night's sleep. Because if I ever had one, I'd be so scared of the sunlight waking me up, I'd probably have a heart attack, die, come back as a vampire because this is my ridiculous answer, and go searching for Edward Cullen, just so I could tell him to lighten up and have a Cosmopoliton or Gin and Tonic because I love both and they'll put hair on your chest. Which he maybe needed a little of...but I don't, so I drink them sparingly.

Except for Gin

When I'm not pregnant

4.) When a light bulb needs to be changed

5.) Dave Matthews Band

6.) Having to cross my arms so no one will notice that I'm not wearing a bra when I take the trash out.

7.) When my highlights grow out, I have no money to get them re-touched, and everyone asks me if I'm wearing a clown wig.

And now, three lucky peeps that may take this Lovely Blogger Award, run with it, and go on and on about things that annoy them....

Ladies, if you partake, please give me a shout out. Each one of you has been handpicked because of your ability to make me laugh...and we all know how much I hate that.

Until Next Time, Readers!