Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where I Hang Out on Wednesdays

Morning Readers,

     Generally, I like to schedule the times I laugh for one day a week. That day is Wednesday. You might think I laugh other days of the week, but if you could see my face right now, you'd be like, "I guess not."

It could be because I have a bowling ball sitting on my bladder.

Or because both the twins slept on top of me while we all attempted to sleep on the couch last night.

My money's on the fact the extra-large t-shirt I'm wearing looks more like an elephant's sports bra than the chic top the designer intended it to be. To whoever designed it, please know that it looks great with lemon yogurt and low expectations.
    So, as the funny moments abound, I must save them up and cash them in on Wednesdays with my friends over at Finding the Funny. Otherwise, I'd just spend my days laughing and laughing and never get anything done except that padded room I've been working on in my shed. And more laughing. And crawling onto the roofs of buildings I don't own and making a life with the pigeons who live there. And more laughing. Possibly hot gluing things together. And still more laughing.

     If you like laughing too...which I suspect you do because someone said they saw you at that clown convention before you stopped by the blog (Which is cool, as long as it wasn't for their weekly speed dating event. Those guys are only looking for one thing. And we all know what that is. Yep, one more person to squeeze into their clown car), hop on over to visit my girls, read all the fabulously funny posts, and link up your own, if you so desire.

I'm off to finish my coffee and watch Sundance close the laptop with her feet...

Until Next Time, Readers!