Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Episode of Butch and Sundance Speak....

Confirming my theory that the first six weeks of their life was wasted on formula...
 Morning Readers,

     I believe it was Aristotle who first said, "A blogging mom gets more done when she doesn't have children." Or maybe it was if she doesn't have to arm her husband for battle. In any case, if you've lost track, I'm finishing week thirty-four of this pregnancy and experiencing something close to pulling my energy through slowly drying concrete. So, if I'm making my blog rounds and responding to comments at the speed of a snail in a high energy aerobics class, I apologize and will catch up as quickly as this coffee trumps my fatigue.

     Compounding the newest Kellerman's need to pick pocket half my energy is the twin's desire to ask for things from the time the sun comes up until it goes down. And when there's no sun at all. Conversations this week that have me wondering if there's a boarding school that'll take two two-year-olds and one newborn...:

Courtesy of Sundance:

1.) *slaps my face* "Wake up, Momma."

      "But I just fell asleep four hours ago."

      "Wake up, momma. I wan a Pa Tart."

      "And I want to be able to order Vicodin through the Schwan's man, but I haven't discovered life to be fair yet."

2.) *insert random tantrum about anything at all*

3.) "I want this" *picks up razor while I'm trying to go to the bathroom*

      "Put that down, honey."

      "I wan saaave."

      "I'm afraid your beard's not coming in until about the time I get to go to the bathroom alone again."

4.) *Insert another random tantrum*

5.) "You a'wight, Momma?"

      "I'm afraid "all right" is a phrase that gets bandied about way too much. I'm not quite sure of the exact definition anymore."

6.) Trantrum

7.) Tantrum

8.) Hold on, I have to listen to a tantrum before I can continue this post. Normally, I wouldn't pay too much attention, but the redness of the subject suggests she may spontaneously combust, leaving toulle and pink Minnie mouse slipper remnants all over the living room.

9.) "What are you doing in the sink?"

      "Cleaning wif da gween ponge."

      "Ahh, yes, the green sponge. Right where I left it near the garbage disposal."

10.) Tantrum

And now, courtousy of Butch...

1.) "Fruit 'nacks?"


2.) "Fruit nacks?"


3.) "Fruit 'nacks?"

Current Child Ranking

1.) Butch
2.) New Kellerman
3.) Sundance
Until Next Time, Readers!