Thursday, August 23, 2012

Checking In

Afternoon Readers,

And now, a status update as to where the Kellermans are right now...

Baby: When asked what plans he or she had for arriving, Baby Kellerman was quoted as saying, "Probably never."

Van: New van bought. Paige's thoughts on this include... "You're kind of like that first roommate I had in college. I know nothing about you, and have no idea who you are or where you came from, but please don't crap out and leave me with an even worse roommate."

Husband's car: Don't have one. When insurance company called to advise settlement amount, girl on other end was told to please go away until she had a decent offer or would agree to fund a year's supply of Little Debbie oatmeal pies. Status... pending.

Twins: Watched Olymipics and decided that, since they can't join a rowing crew yet, will attempt to be most annoying children in history of planet. They've narrowed out every other country for the gold. Substitute sports include:

100 Meter dash to the toilet
Scrubbing things with a dirty sponge all-around
Beating the crap out of each other medley relay

Team captain was overheard trying to sell them to cashier at Walmart this morning...

Paige's clothing: An over-used flowered top was seen sprinting down main street today, shouting, "Please don't let her put me back on. I'm too young to die." Besides one pair of brave shorts, the rest of the wardrobe has gone on strike, claiming "the factories in China said nothing about having to clothe something that big."

And the Silver Lining Award goes to Husband's company for changing insurance plans right before we go into the hospital. This has, inadvertently, saved the Kellermans thousands in medical bills, and may justify the buying of two new vehicles.

Chicken cooking in crock pot currently looks a bit suspect.

Until Next Time, Readers!