Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kid Free! what?

Unsure what to do now that the kids were gone, Constance decided she'd take a crack at the LSD recipe she'd found on Pintrest.
Afternoon Readers,

     Another week gone by and while the bathtub has kindly stayed in the bathroom, the van has me wondering exactly what type of black market parts we're going to have to pay for to get it road-worthy again. If things don't stop breaking, I may never get this ship back on schedule, and will proceed to bother you every Saturday until you have to cancel your internet to enjoy the weekend.

Because it's not like you'd unsubscribe to the blog. Audience poll says... "Paige who?"

The big news today is that the twins have been kindly taken to Grandpa's, and that leaves me with no one to complain about. Husband and the dog are napping. So you can see what that does for blog content. It's all fun and games until no one's doing anything I can turn into a good story about feeling sorry for myself. So inconsiderate.

Actually, I'm at a loss, in general. If there's no one pulling on my leg, how do I know if I'm even sitting down? If I'm not being screamed at to make lunch, how am I going to remember to eat? For that matter, how will I know if I'm hungry?

I haven't broken up a fight in over an hour. Is there a chance world peace started and perhaps I'll be the last to know about it?

Great. This is just great. Now that I think about it, I haven't had to kick anyone out of the bathroom in the last hour either. Now I'm not gonna know if I have to go to the bathroom. Maybe I should take this quiet time to eat some bran.

And now I'm alone with my thoughts. And you. Unless you left a while ago and didn't tell me. That's fine too. Maybe you have someone who reminded you you needed to go to the bathroom because they were using your tooth brush. Lucky.

Well, I guess I'll just have to go to the movies and watch something without being disturbed. Maybe come home and go to bed and sleep all the way through the night without someone slapping me in the face because they had a bad dream and reality isn't much better.

I guess I'll go be left alone. But, if you don't here from me by Tuesday, start calling around to local theaters in Kansas City. I'm probably stuck in my seat wondering whether it's time to go to the bathroom or not.

Until Next Time, Readers!