Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Evening Post

Not our actual van... Just in case you were all like, "I want that."
Evening Readers,

Continuing my latest tradition of posting completely off schedule and at random times, I'm just popping in to say nothing else has broken in the last twenty-four hours...including my water. By the way, to those of you who've offered to send alcohol gift baskets to the hospital, may the Lord bless all your houses. To the rest of you, don't be shy.

You're asking yourself, "If I send an alcohol gift basket to the hospital, will Paige think I'm implying she has a problem?"

The answer is, "Yes." The other answer to that question is "Please enjoy the honey-baked ham, gift cards and Best of Bing Crosby I send you for Christmas."

At this point, my brain is mush, so, I shall leave you with a small list of things you should know:

  • We found a new van.
  • The new baby kicked me really hard in the ribs last night, and didn't even bother to be born. 
  • You can develop an addiction to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to the point where you're thinking about scrubbing the dog, and your husband just stares at you when you say you just made his lunch tote "the whitest out of all the kid's at work".
  • Heartburn: It's a joke...until you have it.
  • Poor Grace over at Camp Patton has just started the minivan nightmare. Please go over and tell her congrats on the upcoming smallest Patton, and lend any support you can to a woman who must now join the sliding door club.
  • I have to go take a shower now, and every towel I use has turned into a hand towel. Neighbors aren't taking very well to new "air dry" method at Kellerman house.
  • Only nine more days until I head to the hospital.
  • I've lined up some wonderful peeps to guest post for your enjoyment while I'm gone. *crowd goes wild*
  • Signing off so I can waddle in search of ice cream and something to scrub with the Magic Eraser.

Until Next Time, Readers!


  1. Are you particular about your alcohol or is this an anything goes situation? There desperation and then there's DESPERATION.

  2. okay Im going to guess the Marian above is not THEE Marian -- former fellow camp goer?

    Anyway -- thanks for the link loooooove. Many thanks!! I think I would be thrilled with that exact model above at this point.

    so spacious.

  3. Good luck or break a leg (water) or whatever the appropriate thing to say in this situation is. I had to step away from the Magic Eraser. Every time I use one on a wall, I think, "Wow, this really works! It IS magic." And then I realize I've taken off half of the paint in the area I've been cleaning.

  4. Looking forward to hearing news of littlest Kellerman in what I hope is much less than nine days! Meanwhile, I'll be searching Pinterest to see what I can come up with in the way of an alcohol casserole to send your way. Good luck!

  5. The NERVE of that baby, not falling out yet.

    I dusted the bedroom yesterday, and my husband asked if I was pregnant. Apparently the only time I clean is when I'm nesting. I should dig out our Magic Eraser - he'd probably put me on bed rest.

    P.S. please save me a scoop of alcohol casserole.