Saturday, September 1, 2012

Guess Kellerbaby's Weight and Win a Prize: Another Saturday Evening Post

Jean the Genius says, "I think it'll be smaller than a pony."
Evening Readers,

Zero hour is only two days away. Our newest edition will be evicted on Tuesday morning, rain or shine. To make things interesting... as if this blog isn't the most fascinating thing you've ever's not?...I know... I've decided to run a contest.

Goal: Guess Kellerbaby's gender and weight.

The person who comes closest wins a 20.00 giftcard to Amazon.

Now, I know this is an astronomical amount of money. So I can understand if you want to keep this announcement to yourself and not share with your neighbors, but feel free to tell a friend. "But, Paige," you say. "I could potentially buy eight pairs of socks, five used copies of an Ace of Base album, or exactly one ton of streamers for my next party. I must keep this to myself."

And I say, you know in your heart what's right.

Feel free to leave your guess and email in the comments. Also, I'll only accept guesses that name an actual weight. Any submissions stating, "I think it won't be a tiger and weigh more than a quarter, you will be disqualified.

...not because I don't like tigers. You're missing the point.

I'll have this contest open until I get back from the hospital, so feel free to guess away. The winner will be announced when I pull myself out of the drug-induced haze I'll have been operating in for no less than seven days.

And just in case you're worried, I did check with Husband to make sure we could afford the gift card. He said, after the second mortgage paperwork is finalized, we should be able to swing it. Minor details to be sorted out with our broker by the time I send the prize to the lucky winner.

Just a lot of "Sign here", "Sign there," blah blah blah.

Until Next Time, Readers!