Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy C-Section Day!

Morning Readers,

In about a half an hour, I'll be going where no man has gone before. For all you men who've had a c-section, please inbox me and I'll apologize when I get out of the hospital. Time to go over the final checklist before I head in:

Starving because I wasn't allowed to eat after midnight? Check.
Horrible cold that the twins gave me twenty-four hours ago? Check.
Bag packed with stuff I'll be too out of it to use? Check.
Ninety-percent of leg hair shaved so I don't terrify surgeon? Check.
Ready to have this baby so I can scream down the hallways, "More pudding, now."

Yep, Husband and I are off to bring the world yet another Kellerbaby. Will it be an Annie Oakley or a Doc Holiday? Guessing's still open here, and the competition's fierce. My Readers are some seasoned vets who know what a baby should weigh, down to the ounce. Good luck to all!

And with that...

Until Next Time, Readers!