Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Column, A Little Bit of Shame and Unavailable Real Estate: the week in review

"Mom Shaming" ...we're just bringing attention to what you already suspected.
Morning Readers,

     This past week's been a little busy. Mostly because of kids, writing and social media. Mostly trying to find time to go to the bathroom.... Still trying to find time to go to the bathroom.

It's Sunday, so I'm sure you've got better things to do than read the blog, like church, breakfast with the family, or virtually anything that counts as an activity, but I thought I'd I'd give you a rundown of what went on this week...

...then I shall army crawl, ever so carefully, to the bathroom.

1.) First up, my new humor column hit the papers and created quite the stir. And by "stir", I mean other people besides my family read it and admitted it. I love all of you for humoring me.

2.) Myself and all the other fantastic mom bloggers over at Blogging While Mom got together and launched the "Mom Shaming" movement. For an in-depth and always hilarious explanation of what the whole thing's about, please see Robyn over at Hollow Tree Ventures.

3.) Someone tried to rent my house. It's not for rent.

Conversation with woman waiting in my driveway:

"Hey, we're here to see your house."

I roll down my window. "Well, it is delightful. But that doesn't explain why you're parked right behind my garage door. Oh, wait...did you want me to back into you when I reversed into my usually empty driveway? If so, my apologies."

Shady looking woman motions to equally shady-looking individuals in the car. "Do we have the wrong house? Hey, I think we have the wrong house. Don't you have a basement for rent?"


"Do you know any houses around here renting a basement?"

"Nope. Sure don't. My mini van full of children and I were about to leave and not set up a tour of a potential meth-making site. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Breaking Bad, but we're not really into that sort of thing."

Woman stares at me like she doesn't totally believe me. "Alright."

So, that's that.

Until Next Time, Readers!


  1. Crap, now I have to make sure all the links in my post go someplace and that most of the words are spelled (some even spelled *correctly*)??? That's a lot of pressure, but you know I'm happy to have you and your lovely, extremely attractive readers over to my blog any time - thanks for the shout. :)

    Congrats on your article being published - that was some serious funny! Maybe you can offer to read it to your new boarders at night after they've had a long day of eating your food and ODing on street drugs.

  2. I have only one word on your humor column--FUNNY!!

    (You know you can always send the kids over here. Just remember to pick them up when they turn 21.)

  3. They might not have wanted to set up a meth lab, might have been a fetish dungeon.

  4. Your column is hilarious. I have 2 kids and they are nearly 8 years apart, so I have no clue. I can only take what I remember about having 1 under 3 and multiply it by 10 to come close to what having 3 under 3 must be like. Maybe 10 isn't a large enough factor. Congratulations on the column!

  5. Here's hoping you found your way to the bathroom ;) And the column was awesome.

  6. Was Jesse Pinkman in the back seat? I'm dying to meet him...not to set up business or anything. Just to give him a hug and tell him he's really a great guy at heart.

    Congrats on the humor column! Woooooohoooooo!!!

  7. Funny people like you make my life better.

    The end.

  8. Really liked the humor column in The Star, not sure when, because I'd been gone and read several days all together. Your column reminded me of the happy times when I had three, all under shoe-tying age at the same time.

  9. Your column is hilarious....And are you suuuuuure your house isn't for rent? According to your column, you're not even sure it's yours! ;)