Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Evening Special: An Angle's Worth A Thousand Words

World's best author/duck face. One which says, "I'm here. I write stuff. You stopped taking me seriously five seconds ago."
Evening Readers,

First off, I'm a little overwhelmed by the kind comments I received when I posted my Thanksgiving picture. You made a lady who's got stretch marks from the back of her neck to the tip of her toes feel pretty darn good.


Please know, that picture was one of several tries. So, I thought it of great import, lest you think I'm some sort of one-take wonder who wasn't pressing her stomach in with her hands ...or, possibly making sure she wasn't photographing her belly from the side, to share some extras with you. After my little holiday photog experiment, I'm more than convinced, you always take a post-prego picture front and center.

Front and center, people.

But, make like Reading Rainbow and don't take my word for it. I present, "Paige and Husband's Photo Session: Thanksgiving 2012".

...or, as I also like to call it, "Are We Still Married After I Made You Do This, When All you Wanted To Do Was Watch a Movie? 2012".

"I told you, if you don't make my feet look bigger than my head, we'll have problems."

"I'll raise my eyebrows in this one. People love raised eyebrows. Have you called Miranda Kerr and let her know she's out of a job?"

"Remember when I gave you this sexy face and you were all like, "I have to marry that, now." But you said it more in a verbally dragging your feet kind of way?"

And, since you've made it this far..... Bonus Awkward Pictures!

Testing the theory of spontaneous combustion.

Not my house. Possibly not my chips.
Christmas 2008, the year I lost my mind.
"They told me there was candy. Where's the candy?"
It's not usually sunshine and roses in front of the camera ...sometimes we all get lucky.

Until Next Time Readers!