Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest Posting For Mommy Shorts: Get Thee Hence!

"She didn't tell me to do it, but, I think showing up in period-specific garb will let Mommy Shorts know I'm educated and serious."

Morning Readers,

I meant to record something witty on my answering machine, before you got here. But tape's expensive now that they don't make it anywhere except a small retailer on ebay who also peddles beepers and car phones.

So I'll go ahead and leave you this crudely typed note on the internet, saying, "Please come join me over at Mommy Shorts, today. She's super nice, popular, and let me post, even though I could, potentially, scare away her entire audience.

She's got a toddler, a new baby and a really awesome site with things that are fun to look at, watch, and read. Did I mention she has really cute kids? I'll be forever grateful, if you pop by. You don't have to admit you know me."

Besides, today I'm talking about why my postpartum body is better than the one I had in college. It'll make great dinnertime conversation and only give you three or four disturbing visuals.

Until Next Time, Readers!