Monday, February 4, 2013

In Which, I Do My Best to "b Positive"....

Morning Readers,

Recently, my good friend, Anna, over at My Life and Kids contacted me. Would I be interested in working on an eBook with her? She asked.

"Well, what's it about?"

"Being positive."

"And you're asking me?"

"You interested?"

"I'll look up "positivity" and get back to you."

Eventually, I agreed my 5% sunny disposition should be shared with the world, and my part was put in print. I haven't gotten any retraction letters, so I'm assuming their going to leave my words in there.

Here's the deets (that's a real word ...Urban Dictionary says so):

I partnered with the b Positive Project, Anna from My Life and Kids and 17 more bloggers to create a free eBook that I think you’re going to love.

The b Positive Project is a t-shirt and apparel company that creates comfy clothes and tries to inspire people to have a positive mindset and do good things for others.

From wrinkles, to depression – from parenting with humor to inspiring our husbands *wink* – this eBook might make you think. It might make you cry. It will definitely make you laugh out loud.

Be sure to use the coupon code in the book to receive 10% off your purchase at the b Positive Project. That same coupon code will help kids with cancer – for every purchase made using the code, the b Positive Project will send a t-shirt to a child battling cancer!

We’re also sharing 50 Ways to b Positive. Yes – punching someone in the face is included… so is praying.

So, what are you waiting for? Boss got you down, so you're hiding out in the company bathroom? Kids chasing you through the house and you finally found a decent-sized cabinet to hide in? this book, and you'll have something to read while you wait them out.

Until Next Time Readers!