Friday, March 1, 2013

The Top Seven Things I Want On My Gravestone: Because ten would be in poor taste

Afternoon Readers,

In an attempt to celebrate the end of a workweek that will continue into Saturday, pass through Sunday, and end up at Monday, I posted the above picture on Facebook this morning. Due to the positive response it received, I'll go ahead and state that my Readers have the best sense of humor in the history of senses of humor.

And, while the picture is hilarious, it got me thinking about my mortality and the final message I'll leave the world when my time comes.

Because, when it it's all said and done, my gravestone will also be my final blog post, the last, solitary, mark I was ever here, incessantly folding towels and perpetually in pajamas. Husband has strict instructions not to deviate from the fact I want something interesting on my final marker. He does, however, get wiggle room in the form of this list.

He may choose one of the following...

1.) "She should've slept when the baby slept."

2.) "Here lies our mother. She died doing what she loved. Our dishes will never be as clean."

3.) "She embraced death as she had embraced life, with an arm-load of dirty laundry."

4.) "This isn't what I meant when I said I wanted to get dressed to go out."

5.) "You're blocking my light. I'm trying to read in here."

6.) "I don't know. Go ask you're father."

7.) "Finally, some peace and quiet."

Until Next Time, Readers!