Friday, April 19, 2013

Link Love

Afternoon Readers,

"I feel like I put on these fuzzy slippers and crawled up on this pedestal to tell you something. Oh, yeah! Guest posting!"

Today I'm over visiting my lovely friend, Wendy Nielson, talking about "Mom Hair" get your riveted selves hence.

What's that?

Oh, well, if your in the market for some good reading after that, you could...

Check out my friend, Jill's book here.

Explore a craptastic yet hilarious day with my (in my opinion, saintly) friend, Grace, here.

Peruse two more fab Scary Mommy posts here and here.

Meanwhile, I'm heading back into the fray that is potty training ...more on that next week.

Until Next Time, Readers!


  1. Heading over. Best of luck with the confined peeing and such.

  2. Thanks for the linkety! May your home find potty training bliss sometime between now and before you lose your mind.

  3. thank you for linking to camp nut. I had the nicest comment from one of your readers. You've trained them so well.

  4. Yes! I love links to new blogs to read. Of course now I have to quit my job so I can keep up with them all. I expect the check to be in the mail next week- A girl's gotta feed her family in between reading blogs;)