Saturday, May 4, 2013

Random Saturdayness

Morning Readers,

Just popping in to tell you the breakfast bar I just ate was fabulous. And it was only a dollar?

Thrift deliciously dipped in peanut butter and chocolate is what I say.

Anywho, I was remiss in not telling you all yesterday, but I spent all Friday over visiting my friend, Kelley of Kelley's Break Room. If you like sitting in orange plastic chairs next to vending machines, and listening to me talk about stuff like sports and chili, well, head on over.

Oh, if you missed it this week, you can continue reading my randomness in the form of terrible baby shower gifts, and the moment I seriously considered moving because of the SNAKE the twins found in the backyard.

Also,  I was super excited to pop up over on Nick Mom yesterday.

Ok, I've got to go scrub Coco Puffs and chocolate milk off everything. Sundance has decided to eat cereal mostly with her hands lately, so there we are.

Until next Time, Readers!