Saturday, May 25, 2013

Simple Saturday: Simple Thoughts From the Split Level

Morning Readers,

Just checking in on this holiday weekend to assure you that I did, in fact, get up at 6am today, and that, yes, it was as delightful as it sounds. As such, my cognitive function is running right around "zero," I just realized I drank the last of the dregs in the coffee pot, and I'm slowly coming to terms with the sad reality that I'm too lazy to go make more.

Lazy Paige. You are as sad as the sweatshirt you've been wearing for three days.

Luckily, I received an invite from Country Girl's Daybook to participate in her "Simple Saturday" link up. It requires simple words. Simple thoughts.

So, being the simple woman I am, here are some simple things rolling around the Split Level today:

1.) The twins keep bringing me dandelions and telling me, "Happy Birthday." It is not my birthday, but I love gifts, so I'll let the little charade play out.

2.) For obvious reasons, dollar breakfast bar I ate this morning far exceeded the fifty-cent breakfast bar I ate yesterday.

3.) Husband and I have plans to go to a small get together this weekend. This will require me to shower, which makes the entire affair a little more strenuous.

4.) Husband fed Salvador Perez, and didn't tell me 'Good Morning.' The cat will now be raising the children.

5. What else? Ahh, yes. Everything is in motion for the the book release on June 3rd. Nine more days, and the children will still be oblivious I'm an author, but will, I'm sure, keep up a consistent demand for candy before 9am.

Happy Memorial Weekend, everyone!