Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Fan-tastical Attic Fan

"When the fan broke, I set up camp next to this wagon wheel. Not much cooler, but there's lots of spokes emphasize the rustic quality of my button downs."

Morning Readers,

You know what I love more than Strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce?


Ok, I'm kidding.

No, I'm not kidding. That gloriousness is the pinnacle of dairy confection perfection.

But, today, running a close second, is the attic fan. Do you have an attic fan? I'm not sure if they're like the noble salmon, migrating and enriching the ecosystem wherever they go, but I do know that these types of fans, snugly embedded in hallways ceilings, are extremely prominent in the Midwest.

Pulling cool air through one's home, the attic fan is the ideal compromise between turning on the air conditioning, or spending eight dollars on An Apprentice Sorcerer's Guide To Coaxing the Colder Air On the Outside of the Home to the Inside: Volume I.

With shipping, it can be kind of a rip-off sometimes.

Anywho, last year, ours broke with a grinding halt, prompting me to fall out of my chair and stop working on a blog post that was ten times worse than this one.

Husband stormed out of his room like a discombobulated rabbit who'd just had dynamite thrown down its burrow. "What's going on?"

I threw my hands in the air, dropping my ice cream spoon. "I didn't do it."

Sadly, Husband and I repeatedly clicked the switch back and forth, finally admitting defeat after the sound that came out suggested it would fall out of the attic and eat us. What would it cost to fix it? If we carefully lowered each other on top of it, could we sort out the problem, or would one of use be parenting with only one hand? No one knew.

Until last week.

With a bow, I let all three repair men in the door and led them upstairs. Sundance briefed them that the fan was, "broken and you need to fix it," while I pointed at the ceiling and prayed that none of them noticed the hole in the wall where the dog had gotten bored, or the damage to the bedroom door where the children had gotten bored.

Ninety-five dollars later and both hands still in tact, the fan is up, running, and cooling the house as I speak.

Enough with all the fanfare though (slaps knee because she's hilarious). Off with you. And enjoy your day. I'm out of Mike and Ike's, coffee, and socks's getting a little cool in here.

Until Next Time, Readers!